The Clown, from Heart to Heart

Ton’s wonderful book on clowning has tons of ideas for a new clown and, most importantly, it emphasizes that clowning is about loving.
Patch Adams

Great book. Well done! I am very glad you wrote this book because we don't have many clown's books and yours
is a huge collaboration for everyone interested in the subject.
Angela de Castro

I find it so wonderful. It is with great pleasure as I read and re-read your book, I keep finding pearls of wisdom in it.
Azila Reisenburger

In this book I try to cover the essence of clowning and the typical characteristics of a clown. I take the reader by the hand to discover the type of clown that shines from within himself or herself.

The book offers instructions and techniques for clowning in front of an audience. It has a practical approach, as it contains 25 inspiring exercises that will help improve playing and improvising as a clown. Moreover, it is illustrated with colourful drawings and pictures.

The book is written in English and sells for €20.00, plus forwarding charges. Inside Europe this is € 6.00, outside Europe € 10.00. Because it is self-published it can therefore only be ordered directly from me by sending an email to: Please include your full address. You can pay after receipt.